Great Cars for the busy family

Life is full of surprises. While some of them are unwelcome, the vast majority of them will take you to new places, introduce you to new people and open you up to new things. For all of these experiences, you will need something to get you and your family to and fro in safety and in style. The 2014 fleet of Ford vehicles has something for all of your family and personal needs. With a focus on fuel efficiency and affordability, Ford is the only name you need remember when shopping for a car. It’s American, it’s attractive and it’s priced competitively to fit your needs.

The Fusion is the perfect car for the professional mom or dad. It gets amazing mileage and has a sexy body to match. You’ll be proud to take your colleagues out or arrive to a meeting. And it’s important to remember, that when you immerse yourself in a more comfortable and professional looking vehicle, you will perform at a higher level. It’s just like making sure you wear your best suit when you go out on a date! I know that after scheduling the sitter, and making the reservation and buying the movie or theater tickets, I don’t want there to be anything left up to chance. As a proud father of three, I don’t take a romantic evening with my wife for granted, and I know that you don’t either. So don’t leave anything up to fate and make date night perfect.

The Fiesta will make you high schooler the envy of all his or her classmates. With the reliability that makes a Ford America’s favorite domestic car manufacturer and a style that turns heads, your young model student will surely be a model citizen as well. Because it is safe and environmentally responsible, the Fiesta is a beacon of envy to all the students, and a car that will instill calm and comfort in you, the parent, knowing that the most important thing in your life is safe.

Take your whole family down to Citrus ford or because there really is something to inspire everyone in your family and you can browse the new 2014 fleet guilt free knowing that whatever you choose, you’ll end up with an amazing car at an incredible price that you can feel good about.

Getting the most for your dollar is a priority for everyone, but this is most so for the working mother or father. You don’t want to have to worry about maintenance, and you really don’t want to stress about your finances! With a new, sleek Ford car you can feel confident picking everyone up for soccer practice knowing that you’re piloting a safe and reliably made, American car. You will feel classy taking your husband or wife out on the town, because date night is increasingly hard to schedule and time is hard to make.