Some Car Myths to Ignore

Car Care to the extent that you think a lot of people are talking about all that is important to most people. Believe it or not, depending on their level of knowledge people will go back many car myths. New car buying and caring for people as well as unnecessary expense as a result of some of them, as well as damage to the vehicle reliable.

Here are a few cars on the car managed to ignore the myth, or at least carefully considered before taking any action.

Running in car myths

There was a time at least initially, you can not run more than a certain speed or RPM for about one thousand miles car. Was to use the engine parts, some roughness on the bed slowly ground smooth. The new car is no longer available a few years ago, while there is no need to run in the range.

Nevertheless, many people do not buy a car less than 1,000 kilometers. Reason why this myth while the driver is a good idea to drive gently for a while after the purchase, typically modern engine test bench manufacturer ‘Run’. The new engine too fast, if you are used to the maximum power that can be damaged, but the driver shows the the need jeunggeoyi rental that are not specific in this regard.

Is included in the list of the cars of our myths, but all engines are the same, because you still should follow the manufacturer’s advice. Meek, meaning that start with the maximum number of rotated continuously, and does not go down to zero. , Naturally breaking is not necessary if you are driving.

Several different car care myths of a similar nature here is as follows:

Myth: It is printed on the side wall of the tire’s standard pressure! This is the maximum pressure that the tire can withstand. The user manual for the recommended tire pressure. It has been designed to maximize the wear, comfort and road holding these. The pressure is too high, you can reduce the wet grip on a smooth surface. If you believe the car care myths can be dangerous.

Myth: better than regular grade fuel, excellent! Is the octane rating. Tend to run high compression engine or pre-ignition, can be infected hot enough octane rating ‘knock.’ It is caused by the ignition of the fuel out of the area of ​​the spark plug.

High octane on the high activation energy required for ignition Thus, in general, more compressed. Low-octane fuel can cause pre-ignition in high compression engines, the cylinder hotspots. High octane fuel, it can be prevented. ‘Quality’, but it has nothing to do with the compression ratio of the engine. The high compression ratio to extract more energy from the same amount of fuel.

Works better than the standard engine in the high-octane fuel is low octane. Go to Premium or super when driving, if you knock the car where you are, otherwise you fine – if you are using more expensive fuel to get any advantage.